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Sports have come a long way from only having physical games like basketball and football at the centre of attention of more than a billion people around the globe. As technology progressed, a new type of gaming emerged and took the limelight. Welcome to the digital world of electronic sports!

What started as video games played competitively between players has now become an official classification of sports recognized throughout the world. Players from different backgrounds are now scouted by agencies to play competitively in local and international tournaments. Naturally, this became a huge hit to gamblers who love supporting their teams to victory. 

Discover the most solid teams with the best gameplay as they take over the online world with their tactical prowess here at Bitcasino!

The digital world of sports! 

Gone are the days when video games and computer games were only recognized as part-time activities. In today’s modern landscape of technology, gaming is considered a sport equal to football, basketball and other physical games. The tactical show of teamwork in esports helped establish computer games as a sport from countries across the globe. Professional gamers from age 15 to 35 can now enjoy the same glory and prestige of a professional athlete.

The games, strategies, tactics and the ever-burning desire of every player to become the best make esports one of the most anticipated games in casino betting. Get lost in the digital world of electronic gaming and join the players on their quests inside the fictional worlds of the internet. Watch your favourite team fight their way to the top with never before seen tactics and feel the thrill of the game in their every move. 

Learn more about esports and the different electronic games tournaments supported by Bitcasino. Gather information on the best games, pick your teams and start betting as Bitcasino lets you in on the action!

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Esport games: Where sports and technology collides

Electronic sports or esports is a sport centred around professionally competing on different video games in an organized environment. Esport tournaments often involve players or teams competing against each other in their respective computer games for prize pools that could amount up to millions of dollars. They give recognition to gamers’ intelligence and tactical prowess the same way sports competitions showcase athletes who are praised for their athleticism and technique.

Like players in any other sport, Esport gamers are recruited by teams and undergo rigorous training periods before they can officially join in tournaments. These players will play multiple games with the team they are joining to see how well they perform as part of the group. Tactics and strategies are important, but a player’s ability to assist and be sensitive to the needs of every other player in the team is valued far deeper in this sport. 

How do Esport tournaments work?

Online gaming garnered the attention and sponsorship of countless businesses and big companies such as Samsung, Red Bull and Logitech which made tournaments possible. There are countless tournaments at both the local and international level. Teams from different backgrounds use local competitions as a way to be recognized and recruited into professional leagues. 

Fans can tune in to these competitions online or live inside the arenas. It is a completely different yet highly similar event to sports championships. However, instead of courts, esports arenas are full of giant monitors that show the audience what’s going on inside the game in real-time.

The players are also gathered in the middle, each of them facing their monitors while wearing their gears. The experience itself is surreal and unlike anything you have ever encountered before. The flexibility of the digital world makes it possible to explore realms that used to exist only in your imaginations.

Bitcasino: Esports gaming like no other! 

Open up your world to countless realities and explore the digital world like never before through esports. Feel the thrill of the game and support your best teams on their journey to the top.

A variety of Esport games awaits you right here at Bitcasino! Venture to the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive down to multiplayer online battle arenas like the popular Dota 2 and League of Legends. There are countless games to discover.

Watch your favourite tournaments and pick your best teams as you place your bets and wait for the odds to be in your favour right here at Bitcasino!

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Step into the world of esports games

Bitcasino offers a wide array of Esport games for you to enjoy and bet on. Get to feel the thrill of being part of the game by placing your bets and striving for the same goal as your chosen team. Check out the roster of Esport games that Bitcasino has to offer below:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO is known as one of the best online games in the world. It is a famous first-person shooting game where players hunt down the enemy team on a battlefield and use every tactic and strategy they have under their sleeves to pull off a successful raid.

This game first began in 2012 as a franchise of the main game Counter-Strike. It has become so popular that the average number of everyday users have reached 400,000, a number that is steadily rising as the game becomes more popular throughout the world. The total number of active players is estimated to be around a million. 

CS:GO experience at Bitcasino

CS:GO remains one of the best shooting games with its hyper-realistic graphics and interactive gameplay despite the appearance of new games and this makes it all the more alluring for fans and bettors. 

Counter-Strike is no longer just a past-time game for kids, it is now a serious kind of Esport that players and bettors can bank on. Pro players even make a living out of playing Counter-Strike in tournaments! Winning major tournaments and competitions can turn players into instant millionaires and the bettors who trusted them into loaded winners.

Bitcasino’s CS:GO esports betting presents a commercially attractive avenue for gamblers to wager their money and watch a game they enjoy. Even bettors who have a beginner level understanding of Counter-Strike can make money by placing their bets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Defence of the Ancients 2 (Dota) 

When it comes to multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, nothing can beat Dota 2. This game started as a modification of the classic World of Warcraft game. Now, it is currently one of the most played games worldwide with more than 13 million active players. 

The number of users continues to rise every day. Even pro players of other games who haven’t tried it before eventually caved in and got pulled into the open-world of Dota. Truly, it is a game that deserves its spot on the top! 

Get your dose of Dota 2 esports at Bitcasino

Bitcasino is a haven for Dota 2 bettors since there are countless competitions for you to place your wagers in. Additionally, you can review esports news and keep yourself updated on all things Dota 2 in one place!

Just as there are strategies for players, there are also ways for you to bolster your chances of winning your bets and that is by studying the game and reviewing the capabilities of each team as well as seeing their strengths and weaknesses. Test your skills as an online casino bettor here at Bitcasino’s Esport games betting!

League of Legends (LOL)    

League of Legends is one of the most sensational games of this decade. It has everything you need for a fun and interactive online gaming experience. You can compete with players from all over the world and use your knowledge of the characters to form strategies that will take you to the top of the ranking!

What’s beautiful about this game is that it brings players together to work as a team and challenges their abilities to rely on each other while taking the group to victory. As a bettor, it is up to you to decide which teams hold the most potential. Look for the group that truly knows their characters and can act accordingly as a team.

Place your bets at Bitcasino and be on the lookout for the most anticipated League of Legends tournaments and competitions. Read Bitcasino’s predictions and review the best bets for more chances of winning.

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Shooting games have always been one of the most fun games for online players as well as spectators. Overwatch presents the perfect opportunity for players to test their skills in a first-player shooting game where a team with six members hunts down another team for a chance to stand on the top.

There are several classes of heroes available in Overwatch and a team should know how to utilize them wisely to ensure victory on their side. These hero classes include offence, defence, support and tank. In Overwatch, only two teams can fight against each other per match and each team should have a complete set of six members.

Maps also differ from one another and the options include Assault, Escort, Hybrid and Control. For this reason, the teams need to form a reliable strategy and tactic to manoeuvre their way to victory.

The different features, maps, classes and skills available make this game popular with players across the world. Not to mention that it also makes betting fun since bettors have to analyze and strategise their bets as well.

It is also beginner-friendly since there are only a few teams for you to review, unlike other popular games. Discuss the game with other bettors on Bitcasino’s forums and have fun watching live broadcasts of the games right at the comfort of your home. Who do you think would win between the talented teams? Place your bets and see where your tactic and game analysis will take you!


Valorant is a game produced by the same team that made League of Legends. Unlike the magical heroes set up in League of Legends, Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter game with countless unique and customizable characters.

Aside from the interesting self-modification feature, Valorant also applies a plethora of skills that aid lead players to victory. People even go so far as to call it the perfect cross between Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. 

This game requires 5 members for each team. Just like Counter-Strike, the teams need to pass through several rounds before the game concludes. For this reason, bettors can wager multiple bets that differ from each other for every round. The main goal of the game is to detonate a bomb while the other team works to protect the bomb.

What’s fun about this game is that each player only has one life per round. Once you die, your character will be immobile and you can only watch what your team members will do. The one life handicap makes it all the more enjoyable and serious for the bettors and players. What are you waiting for? Place your bets and let the best team win!

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Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Montreal went all out on this tactical shooter video game. Rainbow Six Siege takes you on a post-apocalyptic world where humans succumbed to their inner evil and destroyed the world to the ground. A group of international counter-terrorists called Rainbow are on a mission to take down the evil military forces and rebuild the world on the foundation of peace.

It is popular with players from all over the world because of the high-quality animation of the game that did not spare any details. Place your bet on the best teams with the most genius tactics against the enemy and win astounding payouts.  

Esports betting 101: Esports bets explained

Getting hyped from the amazing gameplays of professional players? Place your bets on your best team and experience the thrill of esports games right here at Bitcasino! Review the following bet options and pick the best bet for you:

The in-play bet allows you to observe the teams first before you place your wager. This way, you can gauge how each player proceeds and works together before making an informed bet.

You can place this bet as long as the game is still in progress. Turn the odds in your favour and observe how the game opens. You don’t need to place your bet on the first match since you can observe first how the game will proceed. Once you’ve gathered the intel you need, you can place your wager while the game is still in progress.

What makes this betting option fun is that it almost feels like you’re part of the game— playing your strategy and searching for the weakness and strengths of each team to play them in your favour. The changing odds of the games based on the player’s decision and real-time events also add to the excitement of betting in-play in esports games!

Next 24hrs
Want to feel the thrill of anticipation? Place your bets 24 hours before the game and trust in the tactical prowess of your chosen team to lead you to a hefty payout!

What’s amazing about this bet is that it makes everything seem unpredictable and inevitable. No matter the progression of the events, your bet is set and it is up to no one but your favoured players to put the odds in your favour.

at Bitcasino, you will be given a golden opportunity to wager on a favourable team based on statistical odds of previous matches. Make sure to review the information carefully and take a look at the previous performance of both teams to make the best decision for your bet. Is lady luck on your side? Find out in 24 hours!

Think you’re good at predicting the outcome of games? Try your luck in future betting and wager on the most probable result of the competition, whether it is favourable to your team or not. With this bet, you can place your wager on events and a series of tournaments that will take place in the future.

Take a look at the list of upcoming events at Bitcasino as well as the competing teams and start your wager! The best thing about this bet is that you will have time to review the performance of competing teams based on previous games while also maintaining the thrill of the possible change in odds.

Outright betting
Outright betting is for gamblers who trust in the prowess of their chosen teams. Each tournament is defined by a series of events and outright betting allows you to wager on the possibility of your team making it into the championship even before all the events and competitions are finished. As a true test of your devotion to your team, outright bets are placed before the tournament begins.
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