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Top 5 League of Legends esports teams you should bet on The betting industry has breached the online space. You can now place your bets on your favourite sporting events without any hassle since there are a lot of sportsbooks online. From traditional sports to esports, for sure there’s a particular sport that you like.   This article will tackle the top League of Legends teams you can bet on, but first, let us briefly discuss what esports is. Esports is the competitive scene of video games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These video games are played competitively by professionalRead More →

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LatAm region and their progress in the global esports scene Esports is the competitive scene of video games. It has a lot of tournaments where the world’s best and experienced players and teams vie for the glory for the country or region they represent. So, the more important question now is, where do these talents mostly come from? While today’s esports rankings are dominated by Western Europe and Asian countries, those hailing from Latin America (LatAm) are certainly one to look forward to. In fact — far from what the mainstream media and current generation perceive — it is actually one of the homes toRead More →

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Esports 101: 4 most popular game genres Before, people only played games to have casual fun. Today, many players exert their best efforts to take part in esports, the competitive and professional side of gaming. In this part of the gaming industry, people will see a lot of professional teams and players who excel in their chosen games.  There are a lot of tournaments that were created for the different games played on the sports scene. These tournaments have stunning prize pools and interesting gameplays that keep game fans hooked. These can also be streamed on several online platforms so that aspiring players can witnessRead More →

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Valorant Champions 2021: Teams to look forward to  Before, people only played for fun. Now, there are a lot of players who exert their best efforts to play competitively in the esports scene. Esports is a thriving industry because of its intense tournaments where a lot of interesting competitions take place. There are a lot of games that are played in this industry and one of these is Valorant.  Valorant is a popular first-person shooter (FPS) game where players can choose from a wide roster of Agents that are blessed with different abilities. This game has exciting gunplay and abilities that players can use toRead More →

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How to manage your bankroll when esports betting A gambler’s success is often defined by their ability to manage their bankroll properly. What they can bet on and the wins they achieve are only limited by its size. Therefore it is crucial that bettors know the best ways to preserve their bankroll and use it efficiently.  When you’re in the heat of the moment, especially when you find yourself winning, it’s easy to get carried away. You might think that you’re unbeatable and you’ll end up betting too much until you lose. The best gamblers are always aware of their bets and the games theyRead More →

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Top esports organizations in Canada Since 2017, the esports industry in Canada has been in rapid growth. The Canadian esports scene can be primarily found in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Many American businesses have also been entering the Canadian esports markets. Compared to Europe and Asia, the popularity of esports in Canada has taken more time to develop according to GlobalWebIndex. However, it has been continuously growing and is set to grow more in the coming years. Esports betting has been popular in the region, which takes the enthusiasm and love of esports fans to another level. There are hundreds of esports teams and organizationsRead More →

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7 best Valorant leagues to watch and bet on in 2021 From the video gaming company that created one of the world’s best video games and richest esports tournaments named League of Legends, Riot Games introduced Valorant in June 2020. Impressively enough, it only took less than a year for it to completely take the online gaming industry by storm. Average records show that it has around 14 million monthly active players.  Three months ago, Valorant celebrated its first anniversary. Out of its various activities with different industries, the significant amount of money invested and moving around in its esports scene is quite excellent. ItRead More →

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4 biggest and best Overwatch leagues to watch and bet on With more than 880 esports events hosted and millions of video games released across the world, Overwatch is still among the biggest, most watched and followed esports games. It is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. What makes Overwatch an esports favourite is Blizzard’s hands-on organisational support on its tournaments. While the latter can become franchises with different formats and standards, the gaming studio guarantees that the levels of prestige and competitiveness are at their peak.  So, witness all of Overwatch’s epic digital actions, remarkable heroes, andRead More →

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Esports team in the spotlight: Evil Geniuses  There are lots of computer games we can enjoy today. Many of these allow us to use our skills and test our strategies as much as we like. Today, there are a lot of players who not only do it for fun but also competitively. This led to the rise of professional gamers who compete on the esports scene.  Today, there are a lot of esports competitions held for different games. From those competitions rose impressive teams with skilled players on their roster. These players and teams became an inspiration for players who aspire to make it toRead More →

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What you need to know before watching LoL Worlds Today, Valve’s Dota 2 The International is the richest funded esports tournament in the world. Its ongoing season — TI10 — comes with a resounding prize pool of $40 million. However, in terms of global fame, it’s none other than Riot Games’ League of Legends (LoL) World Championship, or simply known as the ‘Worlds’. Are you ready to join its 99.6 million viewers? Here are a few interesting details you need to know before diving into the scene. About the Worlds Founded in 2011, the Worlds is the highest and richest annual tournament in LoL esports.Read More →