It’s out with the old and in with the new here at Bitcasino! Players can access all of the amazing tournaments and events of the upcoming esports challenges. Through sports betting, you can get in on the action and get a chance to bring home massive wins! 

There’s no denying that sports has played a huge part in the entertainment industry and has hosted millions of athletes worldwide. Some of the most popular sports include basketball, football, and baseball. 

If you love all of these sports and more, you can take them to the next level and go online. There are so many new things to discover in the world of esports! 

Esports is a great way for players and spectators alike to further enjoy their love for video games. These are just as exciting as the traditional sporting tournaments held around the world. Players engage in exciting video game competitions to win cash prizes and you can get in on the action by placing your bets! Whether you’re in the mood for some slot games, live dealers or Bitcoin esports tournaments, you can find them all at Bitcasino! All you need to do now is create your account and start betting.

What is esports?

To put it simply, esports is a kind of entertainment that features video games and online tournaments. Since video games have grown increasingly popular, different tournaments emerged and grew traction all over the world. These are events where hundreds of players compete and vie for the championship title. 

There are lots of different games and tournaments to choose from as well. Some of these include League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and DOTA. Each game has a different set of rules and objectives. Players need to follow the rules and win individually or with their team to move on to the next round. In the end, the lucky winners bring home the prize.

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The history of esports

Back in October 1958, the very first video game was invented by William Higinbotham. His game was based on tennis and follows the basic rules and premise of the game. At the time, it could only be played by one player, but that would change soon enough when the game became a hit. 

Almost twenty years later in 1972, the very first video game tournament was held at Stanford University. Thousands of people were present and over ten thousand participants joined a Space-themed game. 

The objective of the game was to kill all of the aliens using their spacecraft and make it to the other side. In the end, the winner would receive a year’s subscription to the popular Rolling Stones magazine. As the years passed, the popularity of esports continued to grow. 

When technology began to flourish, so did esports. It became most popular in the late 2000s. The number of tournaments increased tenfold worldwide. Platforms such as Twitch and YouTube became a hub for all things online gaming. 

People wanted to play exciting games, and it wasn’t long after professional tournaments were organized to encourage esports players. As new games are released, more and more people show their interest in them. 

For anyone who showed an interest in online gaming, they could do so with various platforms. Players can go on Twitch and Discord and play multiple games and show their gaming experiences in real-time. People can also stream on YouTube and even join the esports category in the Olympics!

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How does esports work? 

As previously mentioned, the objective of esports is to beat the opposing team and move on to the next level. To narrow it down, several competitions can be held at the same time. The winners will then move on to the next round and battle it out with all the other champions until the ultimate winner has been crowned. 

An esports tournament can go on for days, depending on the number of players and awards up for grabs. On championship day, the top players will vie for the tournament title. This is usually the most awaited part of the competition, garnering a lot of viewers all over the world. There are also a bunch of prizes up for grabs which acts as an incentive to the gamers. 

You can watch esports tournaments on the physical venue itself or through live streams. To get in on the action, you can also place your bets and choose which team or player is most likely to win! 

That way, you’ll have the excitement of watching the games and the thrill of placing your bets as well! Thanks to Bitcasino’s Bitcoin esports category, betting on online tournaments has never been easier. All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the tournament! 

Reasons to love esports 

The moment you enter the world of esports, you can marvel at the exciting atmosphere and unique experience! There are always new things to discover, and you’ll never get bored the moment you immerse yourself in that environment. Even if you’re enjoying the games at home, you will be transported elsewhere when you place your bets and put your focus on the ongoing game. Learn more about some of the best reasons to love esports below!

A thrilling online gaming experience

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys gaming online, then you will certainly enjoy esports. Depending on what games you enjoy, you can watch these tournaments in real-time and place your bets to choose which team or player has a better chance of winning. 

Even though you’re in the comfort of your home, online gaming has never been more accessible and convenient with esports.

Enjoy your love for the game

If you like games like DOTA or League of Legends, then it makes sense that you want the latest news and updates. Watching online tournaments for esports is a great way to stay in the loop and learn more about your favourite games. Some people want to enter the tournaments while others are happy with betting and spectating.

Team rivalries

There’s nothing quite satisfying like a good old competition among players. Seeing the players unleash their competitive side and do whatever they can to win is incredibly exciting. Spectators are left on the edge of their seats as the players use their skills and years of experience to the test. 

The games get even more exciting if long-time rivals or world champions fight against each other. Since both teams are amazing at what they do, people are left wondering who deserves to win the title. One thing’s for sure with team rivalries, there is never a boring moment.

Players and their stories

At the end of the day, esports are so much more than just playing video games. People also like to watch tournaments online because they support certain teams and players. Some people like to support players from their country, while others simply look up to them as role models. It’s similar to that of traditional sports athletes who have a huge following and inspire fans all over the world. 

There’s no denying that having a backstory still helps when it comes to esports. It makes people feel more human and allows them to share their experiences with others, even if it’s through a screen. So, the next time you want to place a bet, don’t be afraid to get to know the teams or players first!

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How does esports betting work? 

Since there are lots of different tournaments in esports, the betting options vary as well. Before placing your bets, make sure to familiarize yourself first. This will help you get a better grasp of the process and which bets fit your budget and preference. To help you learn more, take a look at some of the most common betting options for esports below:

In-Play betting
As the game unfolds, the outcome and odds can change. Luckily, you can change or make new bets in real-time as well! In-Play betting allows you to make changes to your bets as long as the window for betting is open. If you feel as if the outcome of the game will change, then this is your chance to get an edge!

When you choose the In-Play betting option, it’s important to pay close attention. You can watch the game closely, but it’s also a good idea to watch the betting odds and statistics too. Since these can change in an instant, make sure you’re ready to alter or make a new bet on short notice.

Next 24 hours betting
If you’re excited about the upcoming games, then you’re in luck! Another popular betting option includes betting for the next 24 hours. Before the game even begins, you can start looking at the odds and the expected outcome of the games.

When you try the next 24 hours betting option, you can get a head start on the action. Before the game even begins, you’ll have placed your bets and see how they unfold the next day. Just be sure to read the information provided about the game before betting.

Future betting
For those who want to place their bets in more upcoming games, future betting is the way to go. Instead of placing bets on the same day or a day before the games, this allows you to bet on upcoming games that will take place days or even a week from now.

Just make sure to read the statistics and betting odds before placing your wager. Since this kind of betting takes place a little further into the future, you need to think hard about who you think will win the games. That way, you have a better chance of bringing home big rewards.

Outright betting
You can take it one step further and place your bets on not one or two games, but an entire league! Thanks to the outright betting feature, you can place your bets on an entire league of tournaments instead of a few games. The prizes for this option are bigger, but a lot more is at stake.

Before you place an outright bet, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the league and the different teams first. Once you get an idea of their performances and the potential outcome, then you have a better chance of winning as well.

Popular esports games 

Whether you’re watching from the actual arena or enjoying the game at home, esports offers a phenomenal glimpse into the online world of video games. If you’re the kind of person who’s into making magic spells or collecting weapons to get an edge on your opponent, then you’ve come to the right place!There are so many new games to discover in esports, but check out this rundown of some of the most popular games people love to bet on:

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League of Legends 

League of Legends was first developed and released back in 2009 by Riot Games. This is one of the most popular esports games because of the simple yet exciting gameplay. The objective of the game is to team up with other players and work together to take over the enemy’s base. A good sense of skill and strategy is needed to complete this mission. 

Aside from the main game, another big selling point of League of Legends is the variety of players or ‘heroes’ available. When players progress in the game, they can collect different characters that vary in skill and strength. Plus, they can also collect special skins and weapons to help them get stronger.


This is another one of the popular games in esports. Valve Corporation is responsible for one of the best online games of all time, DOTA 2. It started as your typical online game which slowly started to grow in popularity. Millions of gamers play this game worldwide, so different professional tournaments are organized. 

The objective of the game is to work together with your team members to destroy the base or the ‘Ancient Structure’ of the other team. They need to use strategy and go through reinforcements and other defences before they can reach that goal. This also includes defeating the other players and gaining more advantages as the game progresses.


Counter-Strike is considered one of the older and classic online games. It was first released in 1999 by Valve Corporation as a single-player or multiplayer shooter game. The objective of the game is to protect your teammates and your base from the opposing team. To start, you need to decide whether you will be playing as a terrorist or as a counter-terrorist. 

If you and your team are playing as terrorists, then your goal is to plant bombs and destroy the base of the other team. On the other hand, counter-terrorists need to defend their base and defuse all of the bombs. All of this is going on as the players try to take out the players from the other team with their weapons.


The very first variation of the Halo game series was released back in 2001 by a series of developers like Bungie and Ensemble Studios. The theme of the game revolves around a world of military science fiction where a war between humans and aliens has broken out. Players can play on their own or with other teams to defeat the aliens and complete tasks to unlock the secrets of Halo. 

Aside from the game itself, the Halo franchise is also known for its merchandise, graphic novels, and even short animated movies. It is considered a classic game loved by millions of gamers worldwide that it has a large audience in an esports tournament.

Super Smash Bros 

For all of the Nintendo fans out there, Super Smash Bros is another popular esports game that millions of players love worldwide. It’s an epic crossover game that brings all of the characters of the Nintendo realm together. So, players can meet classic characters like Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, Kirby, and many more.

This is a unique multiplayer online game because instead of fighting to deplete the health of your opponent, you simply need to knock them out of the arena. The players have their special abilities and strength levels you can use to your advantage. The more battles you win, the more players you can collect!

Street Fighter 

Another popular esports game is Street Fighter. The game was developed back in 1987 by Capcom and quickly became one of the best fighting games of all time. Even though there are tons of similar games available, people always go back to Street Fighter because of the amazing story and iconic players. 

Players start by choosing a fighter of their choice, which includes characters like Ryu and Akuma. Then they get to choose an arena and start throwing kicks, punches, and all sorts of combinations! The first player who gets the better of their opponent will be the winner.


PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular online game developed and released by PUBG Corporation in 2017. It’s one of the newer games but has gained a lot of popularity because of the simple yet thrilling gameplay. The objective of the game is to be the last man or team standing from several players. 

In one arena, 100 online players will come together, collect weapons, and battle each other. When you are defeated by another player, you will be removed from the game round. Players can join individually, in a duo or groups of four. If you successfully get rid of all the other players, then you will be crowned the winner.


Valorant was first released in 2020 by Riot Games. By far, it’s one of the newest and most popular online games in the world. It’s a multiplayer game where teams will work against their opponents and defeat them. Players start by choosing a character or an agent of their choice, then they will learn their different skills and weapons. 

When the game begins, players will either start as an attacker or a defender. These roles will be switched in the middle of the game. Guns and other special weapons will be available as the game progresses, so players need to build up their arsenal. In the end, the player that will defeat the other team is declared the winner.

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Pro tips on esports betting

Understand the games and how they work
Before placing your bets, it’s a good idea to know how the game works first. If you just dive in without any prior knowledge, this could work against you. Make sure to do your research online first and know the ins and outs. This will give you an edge and make your betting chances better.

If you don’t play the game, try watching some online reviews or streaming videos on how it works to get a better understanding of the mechanics and what players need to do to win. That way, you can make and change your bets accordingly as the tournaments unfold.

Do your research on players before betting
If this is your first time betting on a league or a team for esports tournaments, then you may need to do your homework first. Familiarize yourself with the different teams and their gaming history. Learn more about their previous tournaments and how they play.

When you get to know a player or a team better, you’ll be more confident in betting on them. That way, you won’t have to guess or word about the outcome. The more you know about your players, the bigger your chances of winning.

Know the different betting types
Another thing you need to do is to learn about the different betting types. This is an essential tip because you need to know where your money is going. Don’t be afraid to do a little research on the topic and understand how the betting types work. If you know more about it, then observe the betting interface before placing your bets.

Once you’re a pro, now’s the time to go big or go home! It’s an advantage to know more about the different betting types because it gives you an edge over the other newcomers. You’ll have a better understanding of the process and go one step closer to winning big!

Set a plan and budget for yourself
No matter what or where you gamble, it’s also essential to set a bankroll and stick with it. For example, you can set a spending limit or a certain goal that you want to accomplish in the next few weeks. Don’t be afraid to plot the upcoming games either and which teams you think will win.

On the other hand, sticking to your budget is also important. This will prevent overspending and you can manage your money well. After all, you’re betting on these esports events to have fun, so spend your money wisely for the best possible outcome!

Start with small bets
For beginners, it’s a good idea to start with small bets and work your way up from there. Take your time and get a feel of how the betting systems work. Some people tend to be excited and bet a big chunk of their money on a certain bet, only to be disappointed.

To help you out, start with small bets and get an idea of how it works first. You can also observe other people or watch videos online on how to do it. Once you get the hang of it, that’s when you can start placing bigger bets. The more confident you are, the better the chances, so get to it!

Know when to stop
Self-control is another important factor in esports or any other kind of gambling. Once you make a budget, be sure to stick to it and avoid overspending. If you happen to lose your bet, that’s fine because it happens to everyone. However, it’s important to know when to stop and what to do with the rest of your money.

If you lose and keep betting mindlessly, then that could be a problem. Knowing when to keep betting and knowing when to stop is a distinction that all good gamblers must know. If you have confidence in yourself and your choices, then make sure to practice self-control and save your money.

Don’t be limited to your usual betting patterns
In the aforementioned section, there are tons of different betting options available. When you want to bet on your favourite esports teams or tournaments, a little bit of variety won’t hurt you. So, if you’re used to making basic bets like In-Play, why not try your hand at Outright betting or other options?

This will not only provide variety, but it will expose you to other betting patterns as well. The more you familiarize yourself with it, the more you will improve. So, don’t be afraid to try something new and place a different kind of bet. Before you know it, you’ll be betting like a pro since you know so much about the betting options and patterns.

Have fun!
Last but not least, just go with the flow and enjoy yourself! The world of esports is thrilling and offers a lot of excitement. Don’t stress too much about your bets and let nature take its course. If you manage to win, then that’s amazing, but don’t take losses to heart either.

Esports offers a lot more than just betting, so just be in the moment and have a lot of fun. Watch the games, cheer for your favourite teams or players, and enjoy yourself. The last thing you want is to stress yourself out, so just have a lot of fun!

What to expect with Bitcasino’s esports category

Here at Bitcasino, you have the world of esports in the palm of your hands. Aside from placing your bets on the usual slot games or live dealer games, you can take it to the next level with your favourite esports! There are so many games and tournaments to discover, so get to exploring! 

When betting at Bitcasino’s Bitcoin esports category, you can always expect exciting gameplay. While you’re watching the games, you can also view the different betting options available and get updates in real-time! Everything you need to get you started is ready, and you can enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience at Bitcasino  

There are also lots of games and tournaments to choose from. Whether you’re into games like Super Smash Bros or League of Legends, you’ll find something that will suit your taste here at Bitcasino. Simply scroll through the list of tournaments for the day and choose which one you want to bet on. Bitcasino esports is open for everyone, so place your bets today and take part in the thrilling world of online sports. Now’s your chance to immerse yourself in a completely different world and enjoy endless hours of fun.

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Using cryptocurrency for esports betting

Aside from all of the amazing features and tournaments available at Bitcasino, you can also use cryptocurrency to bet on esports! Players can use popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano among others to use as a mode of payment on the platform. 

Using cryptocurrency for esports betting is not only exciting, but it’s convenient too! Simply deposit your funds or connect your crypto wallet to the Bitcasino platform. Once all of that is set up, you’re ready to go! Using digital assets has never been easier and more convenient here in the Bitcoin esports category! 

Plus, you can use cryptocurrency for other games available on the platform. Have endless hours of fun with hundreds of slot games and some live dealer games that are sure to keep you on your feet. One thing’s for sure, digital assets will make your Bitcasino experience easier and more enjoyable! 

Creating a Bitcasino account

To access all of the amazing games and esports tournaments, you’ll need to make an account with Bitcasino. All you need to do is register then you’ll have all of Bitcasino’s exciting games and tournaments at the click of a button. Plus, there are certain perks and benefits that only account holders get to access!  

Please take note that only players who are 18 years old and above are allowed to make an account. These also depend on the gambling regulations set forth by the country you are currently residing in. Additionally, players will be asked security questions before being allowed access to the platform. 

To learn more, see a step by step process on how to make a new account:

Step 1: Visit the sign-in page
First off, when you open Bitcasino, go to the upper right-hand part of the screen. There you will find an option to sign up. You will be redirected to another page where you will be asked to input personal information that the platform requires such as your email, username, and phone number.
Step 2: Verify your account
When you’re done putting your personal information, the next step is to verify your account. A link will be sent to your email or phone number, so just click on it and it will redirect you back to the homepage.

You can also choose to set up a two-factor authentication option or use an authenticator app. This will help you gain access to your account in case you forget your password.

Step 3: Deposit funds
There are four different ways for you to deposit funds into your account at Bitcasino, and you can learn more about it in the coming sections. Whether you want to play slot games, live dealer games or start betting for your favourite esports tournament, the funds you need will be in one place. Rest assured that Bitcasino will keep your funds safe and secure.
Step 4: Start browsing!
When you’ve successfully deposited money into your account, feel free to browse the Bitcasino homepage! On the left side of the screen, you will see the different categories of games and tournaments available. Simply pick a game and from there, you can have fun and enjoy all the perks of playing with Bitcasino.
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Payment options available at Bitcasino 

To make things easier for you, there are lots of different ways to deposit funds into your Bitcasino account. All you have to do is connect existing accounts or online wallets and provide the needed information. 

Once your funds have been transferred, you can start placing your bets at Bitcasino hassle-free! To learn more, check out the payment options available on the platform:


When you’re done making an account, log in and go to the upper right portion of the screen. Click the ‘deposit’ button and you will see the different modes of payment available. 

Choose the ‘deposit crypto with Moonpay’ and input the desired amount. You will be sent log in codes and enter other essential details. When everything has been finalized, you will be sent a notification saying the transaction has been completed.

JPY through Credit card

When you’re done making an account and want to deposit JPY, go to the upper right-hand part of the page, then click the deposit button. Go to payment methods and choose JPY as your mode of payment. 

Make sure to enter the minimum amount of 5,000 yen and complete the transaction. Afterwards, all you have to do is wait for 30 minutes and the money should be reflected in your account.

JPY through Ecopayz 

After making an account with Bitcasino, you can deposit Japanese yen with Ecopayz. To get started, all you have to do is log in to your account and click ‘deposit’ on the upper right portion of the page.

You will be redirected to another window where you will choose the payment method. Click Ecopayz and indicate the amount you wish to deposit, then you will be sent a notification when the transaction is complete.


You read that right! Bitcasino also accepts cryptocurrency as a mode of payment! This is one of the most popular features that the platform offers because people nowadays love using digital assets for online transactions. It’s a convenient and hassle-free method of transferring funds and playing with ease at Bitcasino. 

All you need to do is log in to your existing account and choose which cryptocurrency you would like to deposit. Simply click the deposit button and go to ‘add currency’. Some of the cryptocurrencies available include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Litecoin, among others. 

Choose the one you want, indicate the amount, and confirm the transaction. Simply wait for a confirmation notification to be sent indicating that the transaction has been completed. This will be finished within a few minutes or less, so just wait for the message to arrive. 

Once confirmed, you can start using cryptocurrency to place your bets and have endless hours of fun at Bitcasino!

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Get started on your esports journey today!

Now that you’ve learned the basics of esports and how to bet on your favourite games, it’s time to get started! Make your account here at Bitcasino and start exploring the site. From there, you can get an idea of the betting experience. 

It’s easy and hassle-free, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the best betting experience! The Bitcasino experience has never been better with these new additions. So, what are you waiting for? Place your bets today and win huge amounts of payouts just like the best esports teams and players out there! 

Aside from the thrilling online tournaments available, you can also enjoy the other offerings from Bitcasino. Play some exciting slot games and live dealer games like roulette and Baccarat to try something new. With all of these amazing games, get a chance to win big and bring home massive winnings only here at Bitcasino!

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